Support for the investor

Local level

The Hrubieszow City Hall provides professional and comprehensive services to investors.

As part of investor support, we offer:
– assistance in finding a suitable location, consistent with the investor’s expectations,
– assistance in necessary administrative procedures occurring during project implementation,
– post-investment care for companies and support for companies already operating in the Hrubieszow City area,
– information about investment and tax incentives,
– promotion of the City’s investment areas.

Support from the District Labor Office in Hrubieszow

The District Labor Office in Hrubieszow offers a wide variety of forms of support for employers to attract and train human resources, including:

assistance in the search for job candidates,
raising the competence and qualifications of employees and job candidates,
support for the creation of new jobs.

Detailed information:

District Labor Office in Hrubieszow
11 Leśmiana Street
22-500 Hrubieszów
tel. 84 696 26 91
fax. 84 696 26 92

Regional level

According to the law on supporting new investments, the Polish Investment Zone has been in operation since June 30, 2018Open in a new windowPolska Strefa Inwestycji. Any company in any city or municipality can apply for tax relief and preferential conditions.

By virtue of the Ordinance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of August 29, 2018 on establishing areas and assigning them to managers, the performance of tasks specified in the Law on Supporting New Investments including issuing decisions
on support for an investment located in the city of Hrubieszow is within the jurisdiction of the manager of the Open in a new windowTarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN.

According to the new regulations, entrepreneurs can, throughout the country, take advantage of public aid offered by special economic zones (including, among others, on land owned by companies), and not only in areas covered by the zones’ borders.

State aid in the form of tax exemptions:

the highest intensity ceiling of state aid allowed in the EU, up to 70% of the eligible costs of an investment project. The amount of aid depends on the location and size of the enterprise,
a system of tax exemptions and incentives in line with EU legislation,
the possibility of combining state aid obtained in the SEZ with EU funds.

State aid is regional aid granted to the entrepreneur for:

costs of a new investment,
creation of new jobs.

Amounts received by the entrepreneur under regional state aid received from other sources are cumulative. The basis for the use of tax exemptions is a decision on support granted by the Open in a new windowAgency for Industrial Development S.A. on behalf of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology. IDA S.A. provides a comprehensive service at each stage of the investment.

For more information, visit:
On the page will open in a new there is a “qualifier” of public aid , which will allow preliminary verification of your investment plans in the city.

Lublin Investor Service Center – deals with support for entrepreneurs at the regional level.
Details: Opens in new

National level

Government grants

An investor can obtain a grant for the implementation of his project, under the “Program for supporting investments of significant importance to the Polish economy for 2011-2030.” Grants will be awarded until the end of 2025.

Form of support

Support is granted in the form of a grant, based on an agreement between the Minister of Development and the investor. The agreement regulates, in particular, the conditions for payment of the grant and the schedule for implementation of the investment. Under the Program, investment support may be granted for two purposes: eligible costs of creating new jobs or costs of investment in tangible and intangible assets. The Program is entirely financed from state budget funds.

Procedure for granting support:

The investor submits information about the planned project to PAIH on an application form provided by PAIH.
PAIH verifies the form, evaluates the project and prepares a regional opinion.
Issuance of a recommendation on the amount of the grant by the Inter-Ministerial Team for Investments of Significant Importance to the Polish Economy.
PAIH informs the investor of the Team’s recommendation. The investor decides whether to accept or reject the offer.
If the offer is accepted (the investor has 30 days to do so, in exceptional circumstances up to 90 days), an agreement is concluded between the investor and the PAIH.

State aid

State aid granted under the Program is in accordance with the rules for granting state aid in the EU as set forth in the Guidelines on Regional Aid 2014-2020 (Official Journal of the EU C 209, 23.7.2013, p. 1) and the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 of d

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