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“Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation” is a new budget unit of the city, which was established by the Hrubieszow City Council by Resolution No. XLIV/342/2021 of December 21, 2021 on the establishment of a budget unit called “Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation” in Hrubieszow and granting its charter. Ms. Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik became the director of the KCEiWG. The center began its activities in 2022. Its primary goal is to create conditions for the development of local business, based on knowledge, innovation and new business models, to create opportunities for the development of the competencies of children and young people in the fields of, among others, programming and robotics, and to raise environmental awareness. The establishment of the KCEiWG stems from the assumptions of the project “Local Development of Hrubieszow – from participation to implementation,” for which the City received more than PLN 16 million in funding from the “Local Development” program, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA). The center is located in the premises of the Local Development Project Office at 9 Staszica Street in Hrubieszow.

The activities of the Creative Center for Education and Cooperation include:

  • development of bases: knowledge and tools for providing services within the unit,
  • integration of local business and development of cooperation between entrepreneurs and the city,
  • development and pilot implementation of a program of dedicated training and individual counseling for entrepreneurs and employees,
  • development of the basis for modern education in the city,
  • environmental education among children and young people,
  • building an ecosystem for the development of new businesses in the city,
  • creating an effective system of economic promotion of the city and attracting investment from outside.
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Modern education is fundamental to human development. With this in mind, we focus on innovative solutions adapted to the requirements of modern society. We promote good practices and increase environmental awareness among children and young people. We organize training courses, workshops and demonstration classes in modern methods and forms of education.

Investor / Businessman

The Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation in Hrubieszow provides professional and comprehensive services to investors.

As part of investor support, we offer:
– assistance in finding a suitable location, consistent with the investor’s expectations,
– assistance in the necessary administrative procedures occurring during the implementation of the project,
– post-investment care for companies and support for companies already operating in the Hrubieszow City area,
– information on investment and tax incentives,
– promotion of the City’s investment areas.

We develop cooperation between entrepreneurs and the City. We provide dedicated training and individual counseling. We create a friendly ecosystem for the development of new companies in the City.


Our main goal is to conduct educational activities in a new attractive way that motivates students to work independently. This involves expanding curriculum content with innovative solutions and showing them in a modern and accessible way for students. We support teachers in the use of innovative solutions and teaching aids that improve the implementation of the curriculum and improve the functioning of the school.


For visitors to the picturesquely located Hrubieszow and its environs, wishing to spend an extended period of time in the city, a wide range of leisure options await, which provides its guests with everything they need, from accommodation to an attractive gastronomic offer. The hotel facilities also offer adequate space for conferences and training sessions, which will make negotiations, symposiums or seminars come to life.

We invite you to the Tourist Information Point , where you can get information about Hrubieszow and the region, free maps, leaflets, brochures and buy guidebooks and souvenirs.

The HCK headquarters is located at 10 May 3 Street in Hrubieszow

phone. 84 535 37 80
e-mail: hit@miasto.hrubieszow.pl

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