Hrubieszów Family Business Database

Hrubieszów Family Business Database

Family businesses are seen around the world as the strongest links in the economy, they guarantee growth, certainty of operations and sustainability through generations. It is family businesses that provide the economy with sustainable development, cultivate traditions and company culture. Today Family businesses are undoubtedly an extremely important part of Poland’s economy. First and foremost, thanks to their functioning in the market, it becomes possible to employ many people, generate sizable revenues to the state budget from taxes and other public and legal dues, intensify innovative activities and increase the scope of implementation of new technologies, as well as expand the range of products and services available on local markets.
Hrubieszow City Hall also recognizes how important a role family business plays in the economic life of the City. The role of the administration is to remove barriers and build bridges between family businesses and other participants in economic life.
The main idea of the “I pride myself – I run a family business” campaign is to promote businesses that combine business and social goals into strategies for sustainable and long-term development based on family values. We want to show that Hrubieszow has its own entrepreneurs who cultivate family traditions on business grounds, and show that a Family Company is a good brand that enjoys trust. For customers and consumers, it is a guarantee of stability, honesty and attention to the highest quality of products and services provided.
Through the base we want to create a family business community. Therefore, we encourage Hrubieszow Entrepreneurs running a family business to join our action and send information about their business.

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If you have any questions about the database, we invite you to contact us.

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