Database of sources of financing for urban development projects

Dear Sirs,

We make available to our member cities, prepared by our experts,
a database of sources of financing for development projects. This is a useful compilation,
capturing in one place, in the form of an Excel file, information about competitions and calls for proposals
applications, available funds from many different sources for many different fields.
The various sources are generally known in our environment – some more, others less,
but information about them is scattered. The advantage of our compilation is to bring together
all this fragmented information in one place, in a simple, more readable form.

In the left-most column, areas are listed by keyword,
corresponding for the most part to public service sectors and their components.

In turn, the first top rows list the names of further sources of funds. These consist of:
– individual regional operational programs,
– individual national operational programs,
– EU programs available directly from Brussels,
– individual programs of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism,
– funds of individual ministries and central agencies,
– private sources.

Among the possibilities, we list not only those whose beneficiary can only be a TSU.
We have also included in the list competitions or calls for projects,
whose implementers can be entrepreneurs and social organizations.
You can provide this information to business entities and organizations in your cities.

The compilation will be updated monthly by the ZMP office.
The matrix we present to you today was updated as of May 8.
Starting with the next update, information on calls for proposals in regional operational programs
and national operational programs will be presented in a different way.
Because their current update (for a given month) is now provided by the central information system of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy.
It aggregates data from all the websites of individual programs.
Thus, there is no need to update these individual sources on an ongoing basis,
which requires a lot of work. In addition, in the next update, the summary will be enriched with the following Polish Development Fund programs aimed at local government units.
As a kind of extra (separate file), we provide you with a summary of various sources of funding for small projects in the education sector.

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