Investment areas of the Municipality of Hrubieszow

Nowa Street


Plot no: 1986/3
Area: 2,4267 ha
Address: ul. Nowa, 22-500 Hrubieszów
Zoning in the Municipal Land Use Plan: 22P/U – areas with a planned primary function of technical-production and warehousing including various types of production and manufacturing activities, such as, but not limited to: industrial production
and technical-service production, medium manufacturing, construction technical facilities, equipment and transportation bases, agricultural service facilities, high-tech production facilities, business incubators, technology and logistics centers with office and administrative facilities.
In addition, forms of economic activity including distribution services (trade, transportation, communications, finance), renovation services of
a specialized nature (technical services) are envisaged.
Conditions of acquisition, provision: sale, perpetual usufruct, rental
Detailed information at telephone number:
84 535 35 02

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