Young Entrepreneurs in Hrubieszów is a competition addressed to children and young people residing in the area of the city of Hrubieszów, who are students of classes VII-VIII of primary school or I-V of secondary school.

To enter the competition, you need to register your team (3-4 people), then take part in dedicated training and advisory panels, create a business plan, and decide together as a team which business plan will be entered into the competition. In the competition, the organiser has provided cash prizes for each team member of:
1st place – prize worth PLN 2000.00
2nd place – prize to the value of PLN 1500.00
III place – prize worth PLN 1000.00
Scope of training provided for participants:
training in personal development, choosing the right career path
taking into account one’s potential, strengths and weaknesses, professional independence through entrepreneurial career path – 6 hours.

The training will take place in 2 groups. Total of 12 hours for both groups;
Training on business environment institutions and applicable law, setting up and running a business – 6 hours.
Training will be held in groups – number of groups depends on the number of computer stations in the room;
workshops on development of a business plan including – definition of the type of activity, identification of the product or service being the subject of activity, analysis of the local market in terms of demand for the product or service, marketing plan, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats concerning the planned activity, potential of the future entrepreneur, financial viability of the planned business activity including cost estimates, sources of income, planned costs related to the conducted activity, generated profit – 12 hours.
The training will take place in 2 groups. Total of 24 hours for both groups;
substantive support of Team Mentors – during 5 working meetings with each Team, 3 hours each to develop business plans – 15 hours of support per 1 Team. A total of 120 hours of support for all Teams.
Entrepreneurial advice on e.g. necessary competencies, knowledge on running a business, advice on the positive and negative sides of running a business and support in developing ideas and analysis of ideas for a real business – min. 2 hours per Team – 16 hours in total.

Each Participant will receive 3 scripts containing content in line with the programme of classes/workshops in paper and electronic form.
Classes/workshops/advice and meetings with the Supervisor will be conducted in Hrubieszów at the place indicated by the Training and Counselling Support Contractor.

Persons interested in participating in the Competition shall, by 30 September 2023, submit an application to participate in the Competition on the application form constituting Appendix No. 1 to these Regulations in:
on paper in the office of the KCEiWG 15-17 Rynek Sutki, 22-500 Hrubieszów, during the working hours of the KCEiWG, i.e. 7.30 – 15.30, or
electronic (a scan of the printed and hand-signed document) to sekretariat@kceiwg.pl.
The application form can be downloaded from the KCEiWG website: www.kceiwg.pl or in person at the KCEiWG premises at 15-17  Rynek Sutki Street, 22-500 Hrubieszów, during KCEiWG working hours.
Application for participation in the Competition is team-based, i.e. includes a group of min. 3 to max. 4 persons fulfilling the requirements specified in paragraph 1. of the Competition Regulations.

Regulations of the competition “Young Entrepreneurs in Hrubieszow” – DOWNLOAD
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