Study visit of representatives of Hrubieszow local government

On 23 May representatives of Hrubieszów began a study visit to the Municipality of Elverum, which is the city’s partner in the project entitled “Local Development of Hrubieszów – from participation to implementation”.

The visit will last 3 days and is aimed at exchanging experiences related to local development, supporting local business, increasing the competitiveness of the city, attracting investors, engaging young people in business activities, promoting and creating attractive conditions for business development and integrating the local business community.

Today started with a visit to the local Town Hall, where the delegation met with Lillian Skjærvik Mayor of Elverum, Daria Dyresen International Advisor and Aasmund Hagen Deputy Director of the Municipality.

During the meeting, Mr Paweł Wojciechowski, Deputy Mayor of Hrubieszów, talked about Hrubieszów, its tourism potential, the city’s development and the actions taken by the city to cooperate with potential investors, while Ms Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik, Director of the Creative Centre, talked about the activities and implementation of the KCEiWG’s objectives.

Further points on today’s agenda were visits to the Terningen Arena Sports and Education Complex and Innovationpark and the Innlandet Career Centre, where participants learned about the vocational education system and the opportunities and methods of career support in Elverum.

The municipality of Elverum is located in south-eastern Norway in the Hedmark region and Østerdalen county on the river Glomma, about 150 km north of Oslo, close to the border with Sweden. It is distinguished by its rich cultural, sporting, educational and touristic offerings and the effective cooperation of the local government with social organisations and entrepreneurs, which creates good conditions for its development.

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