First Hrubieszow Development Gala

On April 4, 2024, the First Hrubieszow Development Gala was held at Gniecki Hotel & Restaurant, organized by the City of Hrubieszow including: Mayor Marta Majewska and Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik Director of the Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation.

It was a special evening and full of surprises. It was during this event that the “Hrubieszow Business Leader” awards were given for the first time.

“Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023” is an honorable, honorable distinction awarded to entrepreneurs and their employees, legal persons, organizational units without legal personality, who, by the totality of their professional and social activity or by the realization of their tasks for the benefit of the city of Hrubieszow, have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of the city of Hrubieszow or by their actions have brought help and support to the local community. The purpose of the competition is to popularize the idea of sustainable development and socially responsible business, as well as to reward and promote companies / individuals who apply good business practices.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our intention is that the title of Hrubieszow Business Leader will become an economic symbol of the city of Hrubieszow. I believe that this is how it will be.” – noted Marta Majewska Mayor of Hrubieszow in her speech.

During the event, Deputy Mayor Pawel Wojciechowski introduced the invited guests to the economic situation of Hrubieszow and plans for the city’s development in the near future.

There was also a reminder of the assumptions and activities of the Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation, as well as a presentation of a film promoting the investment development of Hrubieszow. Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik, director of the unit, talked about the activities, KCEiWG and the competition itself.

The title “Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023” was awarded in four categories: Patron of the Year, Investor of the Year, Debut of the Year and Company of the Year, while the winners in each category can use the “Hrubieszowsky Business Leader 2023” logo on their commercial products, promotional and corporate prints.

From among the submitted competition entries, the competition chapter, in accordance with Chapter 5 of Ordinance No. 4/2024, made nominations in the aforementioned categories.

The nominees were:


1.     RKTRANS Krzysztof Rosiński

2.     DACHY KALBARCZYK ANDRZEJ  Firma Usługowo – Handlowa



III. 2023 DEBUT:

1.     SKARB NATURY  Jolanta Markiewicz

2.     POKRĘCONA STYLISTKA  Karolina Żamojtel

3.     Progressio Sp. z o.o – Diana Wilgos


1.     TRANSWAY Usługi Przewozowe Grzegorz Hunkiewicz, Iwona Hunkiewicz


3.     FIRNES SP. Z O.O Tomasz Bieńkowski

4.     FAR – DOM Jarosław Jagiełło

5.     MORIS CLEAN  Krzysztof Nowosad

The chapter, on the basis of the vote, selected the following winners in the “Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023” contest:


DACHY KALBARCZYK ANDRZEJ  Firma Usługowo – Handlowa

Mr. Andrzej Kalbarczyk has been in business since 1986. His company has been providing construction services in Hrubieszow and the surrounding area, thriving for more than 30 years in the field of roofing, elevations and their derivatives.

Mr. Andrew holds a master’s degree and teaching credentials to train students. In his career, he has educated many craftsmen, which has positively influenced their further professional development. By running a business, he has created long-term jobs for many people.

Mr. Andrew Kalbarczyk altruistically provides financial support for the implementation of many, various projects of the local community – often while remaining an anonymous donor.

He is an open-minded person who can be counted on, never refuses to help and always puts someone’s best interests at stake no matter the situation. His moral compass always points in the right directions.



The company owns the Sulewski Brewery brand, which got its start with the opening of the family-owned Sulewski Brewery in 2013. Courtesy of the city, the Sulewski Brewery is located in the restored building of a former garrison club of the Tsarist army located at 4d Dwernickiego Street in Hrubieszow. The beautiful building houses a small brewery, a 3-star hotel and a restaurant.

Due to an increase in customer interest in brewery products, a second Brewery located at 53 Kolejowa Street in Hrubieszow began operations in 2020. It is a modern brewery with a target production potential of more than 5 million liters of beer per year.

The equipment for fermenting and aging the beer was imported from Bavaria, Germany. They were installed by the internationally recognized Kaspar Schultz company. The brewery also has process lines for filling, capping and packing bottles in cartons. Construction of the brewery and installation of all equipment was completed in August/September 2019. The brewery lines were put into operation in 2020. The ambassador and “face” of the brand “Browar Sulewski” became a well-known football player – Marcin Żewłakow.

The large brewery on Kolejowa Street for a production capacity almost 50 times larger than the smaller one at the “Sulewski” Hotel. This restaurant brewery produces about 120,000 liters of eight types of craft beer annually, based on proprietary recipes. Their flavor is reminiscent of beers characteristic of Bavaria and our southern neighbors. The new brewery produces the core brands that were previously brewed in a smaller brewery with a hotel: lager, pils and dunkel. To meet market expectations, the brewery is constantly expanding its assortment with new types of beers. Each novelty is met with a warm welcome and growing interest, and instead of becoming an occasional beer available seasonally, it is becoming a beer available all year round.

2023 DEBUT:


Pokręcona Cosmetic Salon has been operating since August 2023 at 31 Partyzantów Street in Hrubieszow. The main business is body shaping services using innovative equipment. The salon offers many treatments including: endermology, cryolipolysis and EMS as well as nail styling, eyelash extensions, facial treatments. In the future, the salon’s activities will be enriched with other treatments yj. Body depilation and RF micro-needle radiofrequency.


MORIS CLEAN  Krzysztof Nowosad

MorisClean company has been in existence since 2013.

MorisClean is a company that offers services in the field of comprehensive cleaning of apartments, businesses, offices, cars, open areas and the implementation of individual cleaning tasks in the local and supra-local market. Services include all cleaning methods available on the market using professional means and high-end equipment.

The company’s most important goal is to satisfy customers by meeting their expectations and requirements relating to high-quality cleaning services for industrial, commercial, office buildings, houses, private apartments and vehicles.

The company’s services are high quality and competitively priced. The company is characterized by professionalism and commitment of its employees.

As of 2022. MorisClean is also the owner of “Pizzeria Kozacka”, a well-known catering establishment in Hrubieszow.

Diplomas to all nominees and statues to the winners of each category were presented by: Mayor Marta Majewska and KCEIWG Director Justyna Krawczyk-Stadnik.

Complementing this solemn event was a performance by Jacek Kawalec – an actor, well known to Polish audiences from many television productions, including “The Ranch,” “Date in the Dark” , “Dancing with the Stars”, “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The artist presented a fantastic repertoire of songs known and loved, and did so with a large dose of humor, which was a perfect ending to the event.

“Your Companies not only bring economic success, but also contribute to the development of the local community by creating jobs, investing in local infrastructure and supporting various social and cultural initiatives. Thank you for being part of our city.” With these words Marta Majewska summed up the First Hrubieszow Development Gala. And we join in these thanks.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

We would also like to thank all the invited guests who were willing to meet with us at the Development Gala. It was a fantastic time spent.

Special thanks go to Ms. Sylwia Plakut Acting Director of HOSiR, for her help in organizing the event.

See you next year.

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