Innovation and modernity are general terms, like slogans, but they have permanently entered economic or social life.

Innovation, i.e. changes that improve reality, can be led by a
creative attitude resulting from experience and genetic traits, which gives readiness to transform oneself and the world.

The source of innovation is creativity as a trait for producing products that are new and valuable, and as a process leading to their creation. Also close in meaning is creativity as a mental trait, innate, non-schematic, creative thinking, broad ingenuity, a certain potential, originality.

Pedagogical innovations are innovative curricular, organizational and/or methodological solutions introduced into the teaching system to improve the quality of education and upbringing. This often requires a change in the way both teachers, students and parents think about education.

The KCEiWG will offer training and workshops for teachers, cultural and educational staff, as well as for children and young people.

Our workshops are aimed at fostering creativity, innovation, increased self-confidence among children and young people, and building attitudes that foster entrepreneurship in Our City.

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