Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023

Dear Sirs,
Hrubieszow Mayor Marta Majewska and the Director of the Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation invite you to participate in a competition for the best Hrubieszow companies.
The prize will be the awarding of the title Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023 in four categories: Patron of the Year, Investor of the Year, Debut of the Year, Company of the Year, while the winners will be allowed to use the HLB logo on their commercial products, promotional and corporate prints, while adding the year in which the company received the title.
The award is an honorable, honorary distinction given to companies and individuals who, by their overall professional and social activities, have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Hrubieszow, or by their actions have brought help and support to the local community.
The purpose of the competition is to popularize the idea of sustainable development and socially responsible business, as well as to reward and promote companies and individuals who apply good business practices, and participation in this prestigious event may bring a number of benefits to the awarded company.
The final result will be decided by the Competition’s Chapter, which will include representatives of institutions that have an impact on the economic development of the region, the business environment.

Nominations for the competition can be submitted by March 20 this year in person at the Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation in Hrubieszow, 15-17 Rynek Sutki Street, or by e-mail:, on application forms (attachments below).

Detailed information regarding the competition is provided by the inspector for business and investor services at phone number (84) 535 35 02.
Settlement of the competition and presentation of awards will take place on April 4, 2024 at the “Hrubieszow Development Gala”.

Downloadable attachments:
Regulations – DOWNLOAD
Statements – DOWNLOAD
Application form in the Patron of the Year category – DOWNLOAD
Application form in the Investor of the Year category – DOWNLOAD
Application form in the Debut of the Year category – DOWNLOAD
Application Card in the category Company of the Year – DOWNLOAD

Hrubieszow Business Leader 2023
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