Hrubieszów Business Academy

11 July 2023. KCEiWG Director Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik has signed a contract for the implementation of the ‘Hrubieszów Business Academy’.
The task will be carried out by the Polish Foundation of Centres for Support of Economic Development “OIC Poland”, which will include 15 enterprises from Hrubieszów in its support programme.
“Hrubieszowska Akademia Biznesu” is a systemic support for 15 enterprises from Hrubieszów, consisting in a pilot implementation of a programme of dedicated training and individual counselling for entrepreneurs and their employees.
The programme will include an individual diagnosis of the development status, situation and condition as well as the potential of the company (programme participant). Each of the 15 enterprises will receive an individualised package of training and counselling services (including owners, managerial staff or employees), which will include services such as training, counselling, consultancy, increasing the ability to develop innovation in the enterprise, effective marketing, expansion services including foreign, negotiations.
Participants in the pilot programme can be entrepreneurs planning their further development, who are based or operating in our city.
35% of the recruited companies will be companies operating as of 01.01.2019.

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