Zinovka             Zinovka

Located on Kilińskiego Street (formerly Browarna Street), the wooden house is where Victor Zin was born and raised. As a young boy, he was educated in the family home, observing the artistic abilities of his grandfather Szymon Zin, who was an outstanding craftsman. All the townspeople including the priest titled his grandfather “master.” The prosperous painting and gilding shop also became a place where famous painters – such as Pawel Gajewski – took lessons from the master.
The workshop, located behind the Zin house, was expanded to include a paint shop and a carpentry shop. A characteristic constant sight in this place, were drying boards and linden forsts under the attic.
There was also an awe-inspiring garden next to the house. Abundant and famous for its numerous alleys, beds and flowerbeds, it was widely admired by locals and visitors alike.
Before World War II, the Zin workshop began to run out of orders. One of the reasons that led to this was the newly established store in town, where it was possible to purchase ready-made flags without having to wait for orders to be fulfilled. The shop, which was leaning towards collapse, was transformed and began to toil in the business of writing signs. Unfortunately, the competition picked up the Zins’ idea this time too. Eventually, the service-profit business that the Zin family ran included painting coffin plaques and making road signs.

Currently, the house is listed in the Register of Historic Places and is owned by the Zin family.
Location: 10 Kilińskiego St.

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