The AWP Education Picnic is behind us

On Friday 11 August 2023. The Academy of Applied Sciences of Wincenty Field in Lublin organised an Educational Picnic at the Hrubieszow House of Culture. It is at the HDK that the AWP’s Hrubieszów Branch Educational Centre is based.
The picnic was primarily aimed at presenting the educational offer of the university, but the participants could also learn about the offer of the Hrubieszów Social Cooperative “Zośki”, the FALA swimming pool and obtain a Hrubieszów Resident’s Card at the point of the Creative Centre for Education and Economic Cooperation.
The first aid stand, prepared by employees and students of medical faculties at AWP in Lublin, was very popular. It was here that visitors could try their hand at first aid, measure their blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
The presentations were accompanied by many attractions such as an inflatable playground for children or candyfloss and popcorn offered by the Hrubieszów Social Cooperative “Miasto z Klimatem”.
There was also the artistic part, during which charming preschoolers from the “Leśna Polana” Therapeutic Nursery School and competitors of the Zamojski Klub Karate Tradycyjnego “Renesans” (“Renaissance”) presented their skills. The participants of the picnic could also admire the performance of the “Hrubieszów pearl” – the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Hrubieszów Land together with soloists, while at the end of the picnic Nowy Vox presented its recital.

“There are more than 70 different majors to choose from in our offer. But we also have a principle that we are open to local needs and we can launch such majors as will be in demand,” said Dr Mariusz Korczyński, professor and rector of the Lublin university, during the picnic. Justyna Krawczyk – Stadnik, director of the KCEiWG, which closely cooperates with the university in organising classes in Hrubieszów, added: “Both the town’s authorities and the citizens are very happy that the university will be operating in our town, because it is not only for the citizens of Hrubieszów, but also for people from the entire county, an opportunity to improve their qualifications and acquire knowledge locally.”

The Education Picnic was hosted by Anna Dąbrowska, Coordinator of the Hrubieszów Branch Educational Centre.

The office of the AWP’s Lublin Branch Educational Centre:

Hrubieszów HDK, 7 3-go Maja St., room 12 (Fridays from 14.00-16.00)

502 783 670

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