Project for entrepreneurs funded by the EU under ESF+ “Professional GOZ staff”.

ADN Business Academy Ltd. is implementing the project “Professional GOZ Personnel”.
The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) in the European Funds for Social Development 2021-2027 Program.
The goal of the project is to develop green economy competencies in the areas of low- and zero-carbon and closed-loop economies.
The goal is to be achieved through the participation of entrepreneurs and their employees in training and post-training counseling aimed at planning or designing a new activity in the participating enterprise in line with the GOZ.

The project is being implemented throughout Poland.

The project is expected to be implemented by 31.12.2026.

The first round of recruitment is currently underway – until 30.06.2024.

Both EU and Polish regulations aim to transform the economy towards GOZ, a model of economy that will soon be the only appropriate one. It is therefore necessary to prepare well for the implementation of its assumptions in each enterprise.

Detailed information about the project is available on the website

Among other things, as part of the promotion of the project, we plan to organize an online meeting on 20/06/2024, below is the link to the meeting:
Spotkanie informacyjno-promocyjne projekt Profesjonalne kadry GOZ 20.06.2024 r.

Downloadable materials:
Promotional poster – DOWNLOAD
Invitation to online meeting on 20.06.2024.- DOWNLOAD

Project for entrepreneurs funded by the EU under ESF+ “Professional GOZ staff”.


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