Postgraduate Studies in Hrubieszów

Enrolment for postgraduate studies at the Hrubieszów Intensive Education Centre will start from 4 August 2023.

Choose from a wide range of two-semester and three-semester courses and develop your qualifications with the Academy of Vincent Pol. This renowned university will provide you with solid support in your educational path.
The postgraduate studies are implemented in cooperation with the city of Hrubieszów, the Creative Centre for Education and Economic Cooperation in Hrubieszów and the Hrubieszów Cultural Centre.
The studies are tailored to the needs of the labour market, so you will acquire new skills and improve your professional competences.
Don’t miss this opportunity for personal and professional development! Contact us now to find out more!
Tel: +48 81 448 08 20
List of necessary documents:

  1. application – questionnaire (to download).
  2. 1 photograph.
  3. A copy of a university degree (at least a bachelor’s degree or a certificate of study, and here it is important that postgraduate studies must finish at the maximum of the same time as a bachelor’s degree or a full degree).
  4. a RODO (to be downloaded).

Note: For special education majors, candidates must additionally present a document confirming their teaching/pedagogical qualifications (this may be a diploma supplement with this information or a postgraduate certificate).
Website of the Academy of Applied Sciences of Wincenty Field in Lublin
Postgraduate Studies
Second semester studies:

  • Public administration with elements of quality management.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration.
  • MBA in management of cooperative enterprises.
  • Manager of cosmetology and spa & wellness services.
  • Sports manager.
  • Labour law – human resources and payroll.
  • Health promotion with health education.
  • Culinary arts.
  • Cultural management.
  • Health care management – health care manager.
  • Education management.
  • Human resources management.
  • Human resource management in tourism.
  • Third semester study
  • Art therapy with elements of occupational therapy.
  • Medical assistant.
  • Library science with scientific information and reading and media education.
  • Biology for teachers.
  • Business and management for teachers.
  • Chemistry for teachers.
  • Diagnosis and pedagogical therapy.
  • Vocational, educational and placement counselling.
  • English language didactics in pre-school and early childhood education.
  • Education for safety for teachers.
  • Education and rehabilitation of persons with intellectual disabilities (oligofrenopedagogy).
  • Education and therapy of persons with autism and autism spectrum disorder with elements of sensory integration.
  • Ethics and philosophy for teachers.
  • Physics with astronomy for teachers.
  • Geography for teachers.
  • History for teachers.
  • Sensory integration.
  • Polish language for teachers.
  • Image creation and visualisation.
  • Education of pupils with disabilities.
  • Kynotherapy (dogoterapia).
  • Inclusive and inclusive pedagogy.
  • Teacher qualifications. Pedagogical preparation.
  • Mathematics for teachers.
  • MBA in property management.
  • Wellness with elements of physiotherapy.
  • Corrective-compensatory pedagogy (pedagogical therapy) and school speech therapy.
  • Care and educational pedagogy.
  • School pedagogy.
  • Beauty care with elements of cosmetology.
  • Visual arts for teachers.
  • Nature for teachers.
  • Agriculture for non-agricultural graduates.
  • Sociotherapy.
  • Surdopedagogy.
  • Technology for teachers.
  • Pedagogical therapy and revalidation of the child with special educational needs.
  • Tylfopedagogy.
  • Early support of child development.
  • Social studies for teachers.
  • Education for life in the family with sex education for teachers.
  • Human nutrition, general or specialised dietetics.
    Recruitment in Lublin: ul. Choiny 2, room 27, 20-816 Lublin, tel. 81 448 08 20, e-mail:
    Recruitment in Hrubieszów: Coordinator Anna Dąbrowska, tel:
    Office of the Lublin Branch of the AWP Education Centre: Hrubieszów HDK ul. 3-go Maja 7, room 12 (Fridays from 14.00-16.00)
    Creative Centre for Education and Economic Cooperation in Hrubieszów: 9 Staszica Street, e-mail:, tel. 845 353 502
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