Kiesewetter Manor

Kiesewetter Manor                            Kiesewetter Manor

It was built in the first half of the 19th century, initially as a one-story building on a high pedestal. In the 20th century it was partially transformed and now presents itself as a two-story structure. The property belonged to the well-known Kiesewetter family. A widely recognized representative of this family was Ludomir Gustav Florian Kiesewetter – a
an excellent bookseller, painter, sculptor and woodcarver, whose work, among others, is the beautiful entrance gate, preserved to this day, leading to the St. John’s Archcathedral in Lublin, which is frequently visited by tourists.
In the garden behind the manor house there was a workshop where beautiful furniture, breathtaking bas-reliefs or exquisite picture frames were created by the artist’s hands. Ludomir Kiesewetter unexpectedly died while doing his work at the age of 58. The artist was buried at the local parish cemetery in Hrubieszow.
As an interesting note, it is worth mentioning that the building housed the first Polish private printing house in Hrubieszow. Independent of the district authorities, it began its activities in 1909 or early 1910. The printing house, founded and run by Wiktor Kiesewetter – son of the aforementioned Ludomir Kiesewetter and his wife Bogumiła née Wiśniewska-Kiesewetter – functioned until the outbreak of World War I.

Location: ul. 3 Maja 31

Kiesewetter Manor mapa

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