The Hrubieszow City Council is a decision-making and controlling body of the local government community of Hrubieszow residents. It is the responsibility of the Town Council to decide on all public matters aimed at satisfying the collective needs of the self-governing community of residents, unless otherwise provided by law. The term of office of the City Council, which consists of 15 councilors elected by popular vote, is 5 years. The work of the City Council is managed by the Chairman of the Council with the assistance of two Vice-Chairmen. These persons are elected by the Council from among its members.

The City Council deliberates at sessions, where it makes binding decisions and acts through its committees and councilors. Sessions of the City Council are held on average once a month in the conference room of the City Hall. As a rule, the Council’s resolutions are adopted by a simple majority of votes, by open ballot in the presence of at least half of the statutory composition of the Council. In some matters, laws introduce other (stricter) requirements as to the majority of votes and the number of councilors present, as well as the obligation to vote by secret ballot.

Sessions of the City Council and meetings of the Council Commissions are open to the public, which means that these sessions can be observed by any resident. Information about the date of the session and the subject of the session is made public 7 days before the date of the session. Information on meetings of the Council Commissions is provided 7 days before the date of the meeting.

Transmissions of sessions of the Hrubieszów Town Council:

Resolutions of the Hrubieszów Town

Minutes of the sessions of the Town Council are made available for public inspection on the BIP website and at the position for service of the Town Council and auxiliary units – Hrubieszow Town Hall, mjr. H. Dobrzański St., room no. 16, tel. 84 696 23 80, w. 24.

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