Bike routes

Each of the four bicycle routes has its beginning and end in Hrubieszow, where tourists can visit, among others: the Du Chateau manor house, the Orthodox Church, the 1750 Podominikański baroque church, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus Kostka, the Gołakowski manor complex, the Kiesewetter palace complex, and the museum.

The planned routes run through picturesque and naturally unique places, among interesting historical and sacred monuments.

Green bicycle tourist route length of about 25 km – Hrubieszow – Gródek – Czumow – Kozodawy – Czerniczyn – Hrubieszow:

Gródek – “Royal Corner” – the place of crossing of Bolesław Chrobry in the 1018 Kiev Expedition, habitat of the pearl gopher and European beaver.
Czumow – an eclectic palace from the mid-19th century.

Blue bicycle tourist route about 50 km long – Hrubieszow – Gródek – Czumow – Slipcze – Kryłów – Małków – Mieniany – Masłomęcz – Hrubieszow:

Slipcze – mysterious barrows with the “Grave of the Brave”, picturesque Bug River gorge,
Mieniany – a well-preserved Orthodox cemetery and a classicist burial chapel of the Madan de Magura family from the first half of the 19th century – now a filial church,
Maslomecz – the ancient capital of the region, where the Goths developed a powerful civilization with the Goca Cottage

Black bicycle tourist route about 70 km long – Hrubieszów – Masłomęcz – Mircze – Adelina – Tyszowce – Malice – Werbkowice – Gozdów – Brodzica – Hrubieszów:

Mircze – former detention center building from 1870,
Tyszowce – parish church of St. Leonard in Tyszowce and in it 5 m candles from the time of the Swedish Deluge of 1655, private museum of Mr. and Mrs. Czarniecki
Malice – Lubowiecki chapel of the 19th century,
Werbkowice – wooden Greek Catholic church of 1864, classicist palace of the first half of the 19th century,

Red bicycle tourist route about 80 km long – Hrubieszow – Mieniany – Cichobórz – Kosmów – Kryłów – Małków – Mircze – Stara Wieś – Mołożów – Nabróż – Tyszowce – Czermno – Wronowice – Malice – Łysa Góra – Werbkowice – Wilków – Podhorce – Leopoldów – Nieledew – Obrowiec – Hrubieszow:

Kosmów – manor park, mound (monument from the period of the Moravia plague),
Cichobórz – the largest colony of grey heron in Zamosc region,
Kryłów – the ruins of a 16th century castle on an island, a neo-Gothic church with a painting of Our Lady of Loretto, famous for its miracles,
Stara Wieś – Chapel of St. John Nepomucen,
Mołożow – monument to insurgents of 1863 erected next to a grave hiding about 100 bodies,
Czermno – Czermno settlement,
Wilków – parish church of St. Florian and St. Ursula, built on the site of a church that does not exist today, established with the parish in 1325,
Nieledew – remains of a park with a brick manor house from the second half of the 19th century, with an outbuilding, a wooden row house and a brick earthen icehouse. Also noteworthy are the shrines in Nieledew,
Obrowiec – an acorn nests in the roadside high slopes, a WWI cemetery in the form of a mound topped with a cross,

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