Another meeting with entrepreneurs is behind us

On 22 June 2023, the fourth business meeting was held as part of the “Local Development” Programme funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.
The speakers of the meeting were Filip Majka and Sebastian Zięba representatives of the Vector Software Group company, while the moderator was Dr Mariusz Rudzki – a specialist in servicing entrepreneurs and investors.
The main topic of the meeting was the implementation of the Hrubieszów Resident Card, in particular:

  • The benefits that arise from the implementation of the system, from the perspective of an entrepreneur who provides discounts to Residents holding the Card.
  • Presentation of a sample webpage of the Inhabitant Card with a panel of the resident, the operator and, above all, the PARTNER, i.e. the entrepreneur granting discounts.
  • Presentation of functionalities based on a web application.
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