Hrubieszow Social Cooperative "City with climate"

KRS 0001004570
NIP 9191836977
REGON 523753393

ul. Ludna 13,
22-500 Hrubieszów, Polska
Register date: 24 listopada 2022 r.
E mail:

Description of activity: The main activity of the cooperative is cleaning services – public buildings, institutions, companies and individuals. In addition, the cooperative plans to operate an accounting office, with particular emphasis on settlement services for social economy entities and NGOs, creation of handicrafts in the production and distribution of advertising materials, as well as hourly care for children and animation of leisure time – rental of inflatable toys, cotton candy and popcorn machines.
Resolution on establishment: Resolution No. LVI/437/2022 of the Hrubieszow City Council on November 10, 2022 on the establishment of the Hrubieszow Social Cooperative “City with Climate”

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