Agricultural Syndicate

Erected in 1914, in Art Nouveau style as a one-story building. The front elevation is topped with a crowning cornice, above which is a pseudo-attic. The central risalite bears the date 1920, most likely depicting the beginning of the building’s expansion. In 1934-1936, Major Henryk Dobrzanski “Hubal”, quartermaster of the 2nd Horse Rifle Regiment, was quartered here. After the war, the building became the headquarters of the State Union of Communal Cooperatives “Samopomoc Chłopska” in Hrubieszow, the Polish Bank and the Department Store. Since 1994 it has served as the headquarters of the Stefan and Christine du Chateau Foundation for Polish-French Culture and Friendship.

Location: ul. 3 Maja 10

Agricultural Syndicate mapa

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